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The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide!

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NO standards for Carbon Monoxide ( CO ) have been agreed upon for indoor air.  The U.S. National Ambient Air Quality Standards for outdoor air are 9 ppm (40,000 micrograms per meter cubed) for 8 hours and 35 ppm for 1 hour.

National Comfort Institute Standards that guide Our testing -
Note: These guidelines also follow other associations, AGA & EPA may vary.
(ppm = parts per million of carbon monoxide)

Ambient Levels in open living spaces - (No CO allowed to spill from vented appliances)

* 1-9 ppm - OK, normal, maximum 8 hours exposure however 0-1 ppm is typically found in living spaces.

* 10-35 PPM - Advise occupants, check symptoms (acceptable short term-unvented appliances & infiltration).

* 36-99 PPM - Recommend fresh air, check symptoms, ventilate!

* 100+ PPM - Evacuate, check symptoms, call 911

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Equipment level (maximums) residential, as measured at breach or similar area

* Gas 400ppm start up, 100ppm (and stable) running, must decrease on shut down Oxygen 6 to 9%, 4 to 9% power burner.
* Oil 100 PPM start up, 100 PPM (and stable) running 100ppm on shut down Oxygen 6% to 9%
* Unvented appliance 400ppm start up, 30 to 50 PPM (and stable) running, must decrease on shut down!

(An unvented appliance is a range, room heater or similar appliance).

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NOTE: Heating appliances running 100 to 399ppm (and stable) may be run "under discretion" until repaired or replaced, equipment left running under these conditions must have no spillage and are only run to protect property.

Equipment running at 400ppm and up, or unstable at any level, must be shut down until repaired or replaced.

Atmospheric heating equipment should have draft of .01 to .02 inches water column.

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