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ALWAYS, Always, Always!
Call Dig Safe before you dig - It's the Law ! !


Putting A Project Together

  1. Evaluate your Situation and Space / House.
    Determine the Scope of Work...What are your "wants" vs. your needs.

  2. Will you need to move out during construction? If you are renovating your only Bathroom or gutting out your entire Kitchen, it is probably wise.

  3. Demo!

    Architectural Plans

  4. Decide what your budget is, then and add 15-20%. Where will you get the funding for your project? Home equity loan, Construction loan, Second mortgage? There are pros and cons to each, be sure to do your research.

  5. Do you need an Architect or Architectural Designer, Kitchen and/or Bath Designer, or none?

  6. Have plans and detailed specifications made.

  7. Call in the professionals to evaluate the situation, and Remember to include the Plumber, Heating Contractor and Electrician very early on in the process!

  8. Check with your Town for their rules and regulations regarding building and/or remodeling - you don't want to run into any problems after you have started.

  9. Check out Consolidated Plumbing and Heating, Inc.'s recommended Products, Tradesmen and Showrooms.
ALWAYS, Always, Always !
Call Dig Safe before you dig - It's the Law !!