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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: There is water / staining on the ceiling, how do I know where it is coming from?
  • Over 3/4 of the calls we receive when there is water coming from a bathroom above is the result of cracks in grouting.

  • There are several tests that can be run to find the source of the water (if you see actual water vs. only staining), the ceiling below may need to be opened if there isn't an access panel behind the shower valve.

  • First: Close the drain and run the tub / shower, collect ALL of the water in a bucket, do not let any of the water get on the walls or go down the drain...If you see water, the cause is probably the shower valve or supply piping.

  • Next, take the water you collect in the bucket and/or get water from a different source/bathroom. Pour it down the drain, do not let it get on the walls... If you see water, the cause is probably the drain piping.

  • Now fill the tub to the trip lever / overflow tube...If you see water, the cause is probably the waste-n-overflow.

  • Finally splash water on the walls, either from a bucket or by running the shower...If you see water, the cause is probably cracks in the grouting.
**NOTE: Unless you see 'active' water (pouring/dripping) or you have opened the ceiling, these tests may need to be run several hours or even days apart!

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